Online Daphnia Toximeter

daphnia used in toximeter
daphnia toximeter

The Daphnia Toximeter continuously records and analyses the
movement of daphnia in the instrument chamber where they are under the
influence of “source” or “test” water.

The instrument's toxicity computation is based upon the statistical
deviation of the various measured Daphnia behavioral parameters from the
(user-defined) norm. This unique instrument has no counterpart in the

online toximeter

How it works



Criteria used:Speed measurements:

  • average speed
  • speed distribution

Behaviour observation:

  • swimming altitude

Fractional dimension:

  • measure for turns and circling movements,
  • swimming angle

Growth observation:

  • size determination of daphnia



bbe Toximeters provide a highly sensitive biological system for early detection of potentially dangerous unknown substances, in a wide variety of circumstances. These instruments are ideal for detecting water quality contamination in real-time to protect both plant and animal life. The Toximeters provide a means to detect (and alert users to) potentially dangerous circumstances. Based on the alert, the user may then take appropriate measures including further chemical analysis, water source diversion, process suspension or further treatment. Expensive chemical analysis can be targeted to key toxic events with potentially significant cost savings. Some examples of applications for Toximeters include:

  • environmental monitoring, including ports, lakes, reservoirs and dams
  • source/ground water monitoring, supply monitoring and intake monitoring
  • surface water monitoring including rivers and lakes, measuring stations and early warning systems
  • pre-treatment assessment
  • post-treatment quality control


  • High-resolution 15" touch-screen
  • Integrated sample treatment
  • Redesigned chamber eliminates air bubbles
  • Prepared algae feed syringe eliminates need for algae culture
  • Air-cooled peltier element
  • Easy-to-use (and fewer) tube connections
  • User levels (beginner to expert)
  • Database storage of measurements
  • Reliable fast analysis
  • Enhanced resolution of daphnia motion
  • Storage cabinet
  • Splash-proof USB flexi-keyboard
  • Connections for LAN, USB, relays and 4-20mA
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