LAR Nitritox

Lar NitriTox
Online Toximeter

Online Toximeter that protects the biology of waste water treatment plants.

Especially the nitrification process.

LAR has developed an online method that considerably reduces cost, maintenance and operational
expenditure: NitriTox. This measurement system contains a highly sensitive, self-regenerating
bacteria culture, which can be continuously used to test the toxicity in water samples within 5
minute intervals.
The NitriTox is used in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants in order to monitor
the toxicity of incoming waste water. Even high amounts of particulate matter such as in the pulp
and paper industry do not affect its operation. The toximeter is also applicable for laboratory use as
it is ready at all times and reliably measures the toxic effects of waste water on the biomass. The
determination is in accordance to DIN EN ISO
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