InsiteIG_1000 dissolved oxygen monitor

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

optical dissolved oxygen monitor

The InsiteIG_1000 Optical Dissolved Oxygen monitor is ideal for use in wastewater treatment works. It has high accuracy even at low levels. The probe uses 'non-consumptive' technology, and does not require movement of the medium past the sensor.

The sensor has no end caps or replaceable chemicals and is not affected by drying out or ambient light. The transmitter provides an analogue output for readings and digital outputs for alarms and can be switched between 115VAC and 230VAC. Cleaning is normally provided by means of a separate compressor. The Model 1000 is the dedicated single parameter version. Included in the same range are options for additional parameters and a hand-held dissolved oxygen monitor using the same technology. The sensor comes with an extended manufacturer's warranty indicating the robustness of the technology employed. The sensor requires no consumables, keeping running costs to a minimum.


  • optical sensor technology
  • no replacement parts required
  • advanced microprocessor design
  • backlit LCD display
  • automatic air cleaning option
  • extended warranty on sensors
  • single/multiple channel options available
  • analogue/digital outputs
portable dissolved oxygen monitor

Hand-Held DO monitor



  • low cost of ownership
  • no frequent calibrations needed
  • minimal maintenance
  • accurate in low DO environments
  • automatic error detection
  • no regular sensor refurbishment needed
  • activated sludge monitoring and control
  • final effluent monitoring
  • process monitoring
  • river and lake monitoring
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