InsiteIG 3150 portable suspended solids

InsiteIG 3150 - Portable Suspended Solids meter

Suspended Solids

This page has been left here for information purposes only, the 3150 has been superseded by the new IPM logger.

The InsiteIG 3150 portable suspended solids analyser is an easy to use meter. Ideal for wastewater treatment works and environmental field monitoring. The sensor uses an infra-red emitter to minimise colour effects and automatically compensates for emitter variations due to temperature.

The unit can download data in CSV format for importing into spreadsheets or graphs. Data is transferred via an RS232 port to a PC or laptop. The easy-to-navigate menu makes this an ideal instrument for taking measurements simply and quickly. Two sensors are available, a standard range (0-30,000 mg/l) and a low range (0-1500 mg/l).

The hand held unit is ruggedly constructed for difficult environments. The sensor comes with a 6m cable so that measurements can be taken at varying water depths. An optional rugged case is available for the 3150 portable suspended solids analyser for safe transport to remote sites. Automatic logging can be switched on so that the analyser can log data over a number of hours. Data may be logged from a series of sites, with each data set being stored in separate folders on the device prior to download.

The unit comes factory-calibrated for MLSS applications, readings can be offset to cope with different applications as the need arises.

The full InsiteIG range includes portable and fixed site solutions for optical dissolved oxygen, and  suspended solids.

  • IR sensor technology
  • independent calibrations for high/low ranges
  • advanced microprocessor design
  • backlit LCD display
  • data-logging
  • serial interface for data download
  • waterproof
  • rechargeable batteries
  • real-time clock
  • very low cost of ownership
  • no frequent calibrations needed
  • minimal maintenance
  • may be used to detect sludge blanket depth
  • reduces need for expensive laboratory analysis
  • Activated sludge monitoring and control
  • Final effluent monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • River and lake monitoring
Dissolved Oxygen

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