Continuous toxicity measurement

herbicide and pesticide toxicity monitors

Herbicide and Pesticide Toxicity monitor

The bbe Algae Toximeter provides continuous toxicity measurement based changes in the fluorescence spectrum and fluorescence kinetics of the algae. Statistically significant deviations in algae fluorescence activate an alarm.

How it works

The bbe Algae Toximeter continually determines toxic substances in water. For the tests, algae are automatically and independently cultivated. These standardised algae are added to the water sample and the active chlorophyll concentration is analysed.

If the algae are damaged, e.g. through herbicides which reduce activity (e.g. indirectly the oxygen evolution) of the algae, an alarm is induced. The new and advanced bbe Algae Toximeter works with shorter measuring intervals and a PC for an online data analysis, which realises a higher temporal resolution of the monitored water.

The Algae Toximeter benefits from an automatic cleaning device and a user-friendly interface.

herbicide and pesticide toxicity monitors

Toxicity Monitor Fermenter


bbe Toximeters provide a highly sensitive biological system for early detection of potentially dangerous unknown substances, in a wide variety of circumstances.

These instruments are ideal for detecting water quality contamination in real-time to protect both plant and animal life and can provide a means to detect (and alert users to) potentially dangerous circumstances.

Based on the alert, the user may then take appropriate measures including further chemical analysis, water source diversion, process suspension or further treatment.

Expensive chemical analysis can be targeted to key toxic events with potentially significant cost savings.


  • high sensitivity concerning the recognition of herbicides and their by-products
  • independent cultivation of algae
  • cultivation control due to the active chlorophyll measurement
  • no dosage mistakes through ageing tubes
  • automatic cleaning of the measuring unit
  • no loss of time through the alarm induction
  • auto-start after current failure
  • battery-buffered for data saving
  • Measuring range for algal concentration in sample water 300ng - 500µg/l Chlorophyll (dependant on the configuration)
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Size: (HxBxD) 600x620x600mm3
  • Housing: Steel varnished
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Voltage: 230V (optional 110V)
  • power input: 600W
  • Analogue output: 2 x 4-20mA
  • Interface: 2 x RS232
  • Alarm: 1 output
  • Sample temperature: 0 - 30°C
  • environmental monitoring, including ports, lakes, reservoirs and dams
  • source/ground water monitoring, supply monitoring and intake monitoring
  • surface water monitoring including rivers and lakes, measuring stations and early warning systems
  • pre-treatment assessment
  • post-treatment quality control

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