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suspended solids 3150

The 3150 portable suspended solids monitor is ideal for wastewater monitoring

portable suspended solids The 3150 portable suspended solids analsyer is part of the InsiteIG range from Envitech Ltd. The range includes portable and fixed-site monitors for solids and optical dissolved oxygen


The 3100 portable dissolved oxygen monitor is ideal for carrying out monitoring over a range of locations

portable dissolved oxygen The 3100 portable dissolved oxygen analsyer is part of the InsiteIG range from Envitech Ltd. including portable and fixed-site monitors and for solids as well as DO. The unique selling point of this sensor is the fact that solid state technology negates the need for membranes or ANY consumable costs


The Envitech range of instrumentation for measuring TOC includes the QuickTOC Ultra

TOC monitor

The QuickTOC Ultra uses no filters or reagents. The QuickTOC range includes a number of instruments designed for very specific applications.

TOC can be measured accurately with online monitors or test kits