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The PF3-COD is a photometer specifically designed to read COD tests

portable COD measurementThe PF3-COD is part of the compact series of Macherey Nagel photometers sold by Envitech Ltd. These highly portable, inexpensive yet robust photometers come in five different configurations namely 'COD', 'FISH',, 'DRINKING WATER', 'SOIL' & 'POOL'.

PF-12plus Photometer

Programmed with more than 100 test methods, the PF12plus is the latest offering from Macherey Nagel


A new portable photometer for field and laboratory use. Complete in a case with manual, rechargeable batteries and charger.

Based on the successful PF12 photometer, the PF12plus offers great value, unrivalled flexibility and new, unique features..

Insite IPM

The NEW Insite Portable Meter is ideal for carrying out monitoring over a range of locations and parameters

portable water meter The IPM replaces the dedicated DO and SS meters (Insite 3100 and 3150). The new system can take inter-changeable sensors for discrete multi-parameter monitoring. Additionally, the newer unit has more memory and therefore able to log 250 data-points. Click on the links to learn more.