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PF12 plus

The new PF12 plus portable photometer is now available

portable photometer The new version of the popular PF12 hand-held photometer now includes Nephelometric turbidity measurements and is available under an introductory special offer.

PBS promotion

ThePBS ammonia monitor is widely used for Final Effluent monitoring throughout the UK

PBS ammonia monitor The PBS has been the analyser of choice for wastewater treatment works since it was introduced around 15 years ago. The PBS is deployed into the sample stream without the need for a kiosk or pumping system, and will carry out self-calibration.


The Envitech range of instrumentation for measuring TOC includes the QuickTOC Ultra

TOC monitor
The QuickTOC Ultra uses no filters or reagents. The QuickTOC range includes a number of instruments designed for very specific applications. TOC can be measured accurately with online monitors or test kits