Industrial Applications

Industrial Effluent and Process monitoring can present significant challenges for waste water monitoring equipment.

Envitech has been involved in the successful deployment of a broad range of water and waste water monitors and analysers in applications such as :

industry - airports


Our online BOD and TOC analysers are currently in use at many UK airports. The main application for these analysers is the detection of de-icing chemicals used on the runways. These chemicals form part of the run-off that must be monitored and treated before being discharged to a watercourse.

industry - food and drink

Food & Drink:

Online analysers may be used for both product loss control and monitoring of final discharge. BOD analysers are used throughout the brewing and dairy industries. We can also supply 'dip & read' test strips specifically designed for the food and beverage sector.

industry - municipal


range of instruments for monitoring final effluent and process control. We have also supplied instrumentation for energy saving on municipal wastewater sites. Envitech is a framework and preferred equipment supplier for many UK Water Companies. Low whole life cost, ease of maintenance, and simplicity to install are all important factors for this industry sector.

industry - chemical

Chemical Industry:

Online instrumentation for effluent and process monitoring is used for checking waste water performance well as intake protection using analysers as the LAR Biomonitor and QuickTOCultra

industry - paper

Pulp & Paper:

Monitoring for consent compliance, process optimisation and nutrient addition. We have also supplied instrumentation for intake protection for a paper mill.